2020 Detox Challenge 排毒挑战

What will this CHALLENGE help me with?

Weight Loss – Balanced Diet – Healthier Habits – Nutrition – Boost Immune System


What does it include?

🥙 Four healthy balanced meals & 1 detox juice / day.

🛵 Delivered to you daily.

🍴 Ready to eat.

🥑 Weight loss nutritionist-approved.

🥑No grocery shopping.

🥑No cooking.

🥑Delivery fees included.

*For deliveries outside the 5km ring – our team will reach out in case of additional delivery fees.


1 WEEK | 5 DAYS: Great way to get you started on resetting your mind and body!
WOMEN: ¥ 990 (only ¥ 198/day)
MEN: ¥ 1,190 (only ¥ 238/day)

2 WEEKS | 10 DAYS: Start feeling the changes from the inside out!
WOMEN: ¥ 1,900 (only ¥ 190/day)
MEN: ¥ 2,250 (only ¥ 230/day)

3 WEEKS | 15 DAYS: Give yourself of full detox. Take advantage and join now!
WOMEN: ¥ 2,775 (only ¥ 185/day)
MEN: ¥ 3,300 (only ¥ 225/day)


A Few Easy Steps

1) Select your START DATE below.

2) Followed by your preferred Delivery Time.

3) Choose Your Plan.


This challenge is available Mondays – Fridays ONLY.

E.G. If you select 15 days, you will receive deliveries from Monday – Friday, according to your selected delivery day and time, during three weeks.

Please Note: You can select to receive your meals Sunday (evenings) or Monday (mornings) every week.



*For any questions or changes, please email us at least 24h in advance: hello@my-wheat.com

Thank you and happy challenge!